For the Members of IAM Local 63


Providing the many services that keep the IAM a leader among North American trade unions requires the coordinated efforts of many people at all levels of the union. The International President, with the assistance of the General Vice President of Headquarters and the Executive Assistant, administers more than 15 departments at IAM Headquarters that provide crucial services to support the union’s mission to better the lives of IAM members and working families throughout North America.

Robert MartinezRobert Martinez
International President
International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers

Robert Martinez, Jr. is the 14th International President since the founding of the IAM in 1888.
Previous to his installment as International President, Martinez served as IAM Headquarters General Vice President (GVP) with responsibility for IAM Headquarters and the William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center. The Headquarters GVP also has jurisdiction for the IAM’s Government Employees and Aerospace sectors.

A United States Navy veteran, Martinez began his IAM career in 1980 as a member of Local 776A in Ft. Worth, TX after being hired as an Aircraft Assembler at Lockheed Martin’s Fort Worth division.
From 1980 to 1994, Martinez served in various positions with his local lodge before being appointed in 1995 as a staff member in the IAM Safety and Health Department. He also served as a Project Coordinator for the Re-Employment and Safety Training (IAM CREST) and for the Center for Administering Rehabilitation and Employment Services (IAM CARES).


Western Territory Logo
Welcome to the Western Territory!  The 13 states of the Western Region comprise the largest geographical territory in the IAM, excluding Canada, spanning over 1.8 million square miles, and containing 9 of the 10 largest geographic states in the U.S.  The terrain varies as much as the diverse population we represent.  From Mt. McKinley to the Great Divide, the tropics of Hawaii to the Grand Canyon, from the Puget Sound to the Columbia River Gorge to the glitz of Las Vegas and the eighth largest economy in the world in California, the Western Territory has something for everyone.

Daddys PensionLed by General Vice President Gary Allen, we believe that we are the most culturally diverse territory in the Machinists Union. Our members include large numbers of Pacific Islanders, Native Americans, Eskimos, Hispanics, Asians, Middle-Easterners, as well as African-American and Caucasian populations and more. This diversity affords our territory a tremendous wealth of experience and backgrounds.

The industries we represent vary from aerospace to automotive repair, city employees to police, fabrication workers and assemblers of semi-trucks to the people that haul them and the food production workers that help sustain us all.

Members in the Western Territory, like many in the IAM, proudly serve both our great Union and our communities, taking on projects such as highway clean-ups, building wheelchair ramps, serving food to the elderly and supporting the cause of Guide Dogs of America.

Again, welcome.  We’re glad you’re here.


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